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Leonardo Kosarew

Leonardo  Kosarew

Board of Directors
CIIM Toronto

Armed with a deep knowledge of the Italian IT industry and business community, Leonardo's recent background encompasses many years in the web hosting industry in Italy, together with hands on management and senior sales experience in a series of successful media related ventures.
Leonardo's wide top management experience from financial, marketing and strategic stand points as well as technical development and project management in a multinational company environment with offices in different countries.
He also has a deep experience in sales management in former Soviet Union market while working for a turn key industrial plant supplier.
He acted as personal consultant to the Vice President of European Parliament for relationships to Ukrainian Government in 1998-2000 and contributed in writing the Italian Parliament Bill for Domains registration.
At present time he is Managing Director at Wirelesstudios Inc, General Manager at The Soccer Academy for Champions Inc and President of Prima Fila Inc.
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